Vietnam (Vietnam) customs information update:
1 wine:
Personal does not allow imports of alcoholic products, the company must have an import license; 
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2. Textiles:

In addition to the following categories, other imported into Vietnam's textile and clothing products subject to the detection of formaldehyde and aromatic amines:

a) untreated fabric or yarn
b) Foreign Affairs article, such as: installed within the diplomatic pouch items
c) personal items or gifts (according to Vietnamese customs tax policy does not reach the standard)

If there are items on the well-known trademark or brand logo, the importer must provide the owner of the brand (company) use authorization issued.

If imports of clothing items, the sender must provide the same fabric as the garment sample, the sample size can not be less than 20x20cm, at the same time to provide the manufacturer's signature letters of guarantee (proved to be the same cloth); if there is no sample, then clothing It will be cut for testing.

3, toys, household appliances:
Toys, household goods and appliances required quality certificates issued by the testing center in Vietnam, including but not limited to: motorcycle helmets, voltage does not exceed 450 / 750v insulated wire, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric stove, oven, fryer, electric oven coffee / tea, fan, Toys (three years of age), kettle, iron, hand dryer, hair dryer, curling iron, electric immersion heaters, electrical heating / heat pot, electric hot water heater

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