Fujian Yitai Technology Donation Ceremony for College Students in 2013




Today, 2013 Donation Ceremony for College Students is held by Fujian Yitai Technology Co., Ltd.


Mr. Shi Han Xing, Chairman of Yitai Group, vice-chairman of Quanzhou textile machinery technology innovation and strategic alliances, Zhangping Ninth CPPCC Standing Committee, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Quanzhou Zhangping Zhangping City Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association executive vice president.

Mr. Shi founded in 1990 Fujian Yitai Weaving Co., after 20 years of effort, the company has grown in strength and become a set of technological innovation, machinery manufacturing and services in one, engaged in a variety of operating companies, the industry leader and one of the largest weaving machinery suppliers in this field. Yitai Group is consisted of Fujian Yitai Technology Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Yitai Weaving Machinery Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yitai Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yigo Industrial Co., Ltd.,


Mr. Shi leads the team to continue to explore new and innovative, to carry out a variety of high-tech products, and a number of national patents textile machinery, textile machinery for the province to the city's development has made outstanding contributions.

       Mr. Shi is a philanthropic entrepreneur, praised by the community. Since the company was founded, every year, Mr. Shi helps the community to create hundreds of jobs, create several million RMBs annually for the local government tax, he often makes contributions to the Chinese charity. In 2008, he led the company and all employees made donations to Wenchuan earthquake area of hundreds of thousands of RMB. Today, Chairman Han Shi Xing, will personally give students who gain this year's college admission student grant funding.


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