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2 P -Service & A-Service
Date of Release : 2015-3-24 19:39:35
Sales service can be divided into 2P-service & A-service , 2P service means Pre-sales service and Process-sales service ,and A-service means after-sales service.
“Pre-sales” service is how to know the customers ,including advertising, promotion, public relations activities, as well as some seminars or training sessions, etc. An important feature of these services is to introduce the products to our customers, understand customer needs,help the customers set up the right purchase standard Such as ITMA 2011 IN SPAIN AND ITMA 2015 IN ITALY .
“Process-sales”service is communication with the customers ,the key point is the knowledge of the product . Skilled Knowledge decides the leadship of communication .
“After-sales”Service includes delivery, installation and handling customer complaints, regularly visiting customers, and so on. The key service is to timely response and handle customer inquiries, strengthen customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty.
Many people think that IBM offers the world's most technologically advanced machines, in fact, IBM is not always the technology leader. IBM's success depends on impeccable service strategy. IBM clearly knows that the customer needs not only the most advanced machines, but also the good solutions to problems. The complete services makes IBM more good advantages .
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