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A story between Melody and Shaw
Author : Simon
Date of Release : 2018-1-12 10:24:49
Today share a story between melody and one of her client Shaw.

Shaw was 21 years old that year. And melody worked in Yitai company for the first year.

Shaw: i want to buy a needle loom to produce belts.

Melody: What kind of belts you need produce ? Elastic or non-elastic ? What's the max width and thickness ? Can you show me a photo ?
Shaw: it's non-elastic. i will show you photo. (photo sent).

Melody: This kind belt can be made by needle loom no problem.

Then discuss about details of machine, negotiate prices ... order confirmed.

After half an year, the machine still not start to work.

Shaw told me he's building the workshop.

Ok, i wait for the feedback from him.

About one year later, one day, Shaw told me " Melody, machines run amazing, many people come and look at the machine, many people have interest".

In Sep. 2017, i went to Shaw's country and met him.

He told me it's his first investment, he got the money from his father. And it succeed. He was inspired. Me too.

More stories can be shared if you like :)
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