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Clients from Sri Lanka visiting YITAI factory
Author : Candice
Date of Release : 2019/3/18 16:36:23

On 12th, March, clients from Sri Lanka visited YITAI WEAVING MACHINE MAKING CO.,LTD, Mr. Shi, Yitai CEO and Mr. Hong, factory director welcomed them and showed them around our factory.


Mr. T and Mr. P are from the biggest weaving company in Sri Lanka, and they have been doing business with Yitai since 2009. Over these years, Yitai sold about 100 sets of high quality weaving machines to them and have gained good feedback.


This time, we introduced our latest model, New Computerized Jacquard Loom with upgraded Jacquard System. They were very impressed by the stability and low-noise of this new product. Meanwhile, they checked carefully on the system and offered some valuable comments.


Clients also showed big interests on crochet knitting machine.


After visited all the workshop and CNC, we had a meeting. Mr. Shi and Mr. Hong explained Yitai’s yearly plan and long-term strategy. Mr. T and Mr. P, also shared their future plan and what Yitai can do for them.At the end, clients confirmed an order of machines with Yitai. It was a very successful meeting!


We welcome every client from all over the world to visit our factory and talk about business face-to face!



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