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Date of Release : 2016-12-23 15:29:17
 INTERESTING! 2016 XIAMEN YITAI Winter Games Held Successfully!

XIAMEN, Dec. 2th, 2016, XIAMEN YITAI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. in Xiamen Island Music Square held a
grand fun games.
The games will  intermingle The Textile Machine Department,The Hygiene Product Department,
The Hygiene Product Machine Department and so on.The games will be divided into four groups, a total of five
links. People always an office flower,in the high-intensity movement, what there will perform? Let’s wait and
see what happens.

(Pic1  YITAI 2016 Fun Games Opening Ceremony."Passionate Youth Co-creation Brilliant".)


YITAI company was established in 2006, as an industry and trade integration company,specialized in Textile Machine,
Hygiene Product,and Hygiene Product Machine.With the exquisite workmanship and high-quality service,the YITAI
brand got the great reputation at home and abroad.And the YITAI enterprises have been "people-oriented" as the
criteria, which in the enterprise created a unity of friendship, mutual confidence in the atmosphere of harmony, and
strengthen the group awareness.So that enterprises between the formation of strong cohesion and centripetal force .
In the fast-paced urban life, attention to the work of staff and leisure activities, in the enrichment of work, increase
communication, add fun for everyone. With the Personnel Manager of the organization, the whole activity in an
orderly start.


1.Three-Legged Race.

The whole group of members tied to each other two adjacent people, the distance from A point to B point. With the
shortest time will win. In this process, people need to control all the same pace to move forward together.As our
Hygiene Product Machine,need power in each link
s machines parts ,couldnt do without everyone's efforts.This is
a test of understanding and unity of the moment and outside of work.YITAI people did not fall in the first part of the
chain, the four teams have received good results.


(Pic2 Three-Legged Race game, red team and blue team in the fierce competition.)


2. Shiatsu plates back clip the ball

This part requires you and your partner tacit agreement,move together, a slight shift will be off the ball.As working in
company,we need our colleagues coordinate and help each other,and then got the excellent completion of the task.



(Pic3 Green team members are the first rod of the transfer, the final round of the first.)


3.Clip balloon leapfrog (round trip) relay.

A to B two points from the frog relay, another team members can not be repeated, the team completed the fastest
team to win.


 (Pic4 Red team members are in the final round of the transfer of the relay.)

4.Shiatsu plates relay.

(Pic5 The Green team won again.


5.Tug of war.

In the tug of war, the show time for the strength of the team. In this session, we all try their best, only for the
dawn of victory.


(Pic6 Red team and blue team in the competition.)


Five rounds of winning or losing has been divided, the Green team get an absolute advantage to win. 



(Pic 7 YITAI fun Games Champion.)


(Pic8 XIAMEN YITAI fun games successfully concluded. )

YITAI fun games is ending. In this process, every team united with each other,and they contribute to themselves
power for the games. YITAI enterprises are deeply overflowing humanistic and everyone is feeling very interesting
for the great work and life. The positioning of enterprises is inseparable the efforts form all members.The sales team
about Textile Machine,Hygiene Product,and Hygiene Product Machine,each  department,everyone spend the youth
try to do theirs job in YITAI,growing with YITAI and casting brilliant in future.

More Detail,Contacts:Yvon Lee 

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