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Energy Conservation Trend
Date of Release : 2012-4-21 14:41:41
In recent years, China's textile machinery industry is developing rapidly along with textile industry ,China has become the world’s largest textile machinery manufacturer . Energy conservation is the trend of textile industry sustainable development in 21 st Century.

Therefore the trend is automation technology widely used . the programmable controller (PLC) or industrial computer control (IPC) widely used to enhance automation is very important .

Although China's textile machinery manufacturers improve very quickly, and the gap with international narrows . but In order to reduce costs, increase market share ,accelerate localization of manufacturing,foreign manufacturers set up factories in China, For example, Switzerland MULLER established branch in JIANGSU , Brazil CARMELO acquisition JINMEN IN XIAMEN

Under this concept, providing Automatic Technology acts as the ways of energy conservation in textile world , which we must take use of ,It will become the top focus of future in textile world .
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