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Detailed Introduction and Contrast of Jacquard Loom's New Features
Author : Owen Lou
Date of Release : 2018/12/14 10:55:36

New Features Focus

1.Jacquard head is upgraded from frame structure to wall plate structure. Thus, main parts can be processed directly on CNC machines which can reduce the accumulated error of processing and assembling and hence improve the precision.


2. Use diagonal opening instead of flat type in order to enlarge jacquard opening for more convenient and better fabric weaving. 


3. All main parts use imported high-quality bearings like NTN, NSK in order to reduce frictional wear and extend the operating life of the machine as well as avoiding mechanical breakdown.

4. The tightening cap on electromagnet valve adopts separate type instead of the whole type for better tightening and long service life of valves.


5. New model runs more steadily, quieter, faster up to 900-1000 rpm/min.

6. Add diagonal support between the jacquard head and machine body in order for machine running more steadily.more stable


7.Positioning support is added onto the rear transmission shaft for higher smoothness and longer service life of the belt.more stable





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