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Author : Melody
Date of Release : 2015-3-25 15:46:51
In 2015, Besides pay attention to other machines, we concentrate on braiding machines and crochet machines. We pay attention to every details for each machine. Such as braiding machine: 1. The base    1) the base is with aging treatment for half a year, than it's not easy to be out of shape. 2. The board    1) Material of the board is QT600.    2) Well-constructed board, two pieces of the board, easy for installation, and not easy to be out of shape.    3) Heat treatment for the board to increase hardness, and abrasion proof. 3. Vane wheel    1) All vane wheels keep in the same level, to reduce resistance when it's working.    2) The plastic on the vane wheel is special plastic,add molybdenum disulphide grease, abrasion proof and lubrication. 4. All spare parts are treated with CNC mechanical. 5. We pay attention to every details, each spare part are examined before used on the machines.
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