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Yitai Brimming with Festive Atmosphere as Spring Festival Nears
Author : Nick Mo
Date of Release : 2019/1/25 14:25:55
Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival in China, is just less than two weeks away. People across China are busy making preparations for the upcoming lunar new year. So does in Yitai!

On 11th Jan, Yitai just held year-end party (also called “Weiya” banquet) to cater for our fellow colleagues as well as our valued agents which is to show our thankfulness for their hard work throughout the year. During the event, many different entertaining shows were carried out, such as singing, dancing, magic, games etc. and of course the lucky prize draws.

Following this event, Yitai also delicately prepared dry grocery(also called “nian-huo年货” in Chinese)  and most importantly, to hand out year-end bonuses which is the most exciting moment(I guess).

And this is not the end yet. On this coming Saturday, we’ll join another Weiya banquet to be held by our factory team in Jinjiang city.

Under such festive atmosphere, our teams including sales team and production team are busiest than ever arranging shipments to guarantee the timely delivery for our clients.


Let’s join hands to share our success together.

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