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Yitai to seek for more business partners on the forthcoming exhibitions
Author : Nick
Date of Release : 2018-9-7 17:32:23


Yitai, as a reputed manufacturer of various kinds of narrow fabric weaving machinery, it always look out to sense the latest possible trend in the industry so as to hopefully grab the prior opportunity than other rivals. And when it comes to what’s the best way to find out, there is no doubt that the textile-related exhibitions around the globe every year is absolutely top choice for every business.

At present, it comes to September period of the year but yet there are still quite a number of associated expos coming up. And Yitai is going to be involved in three of them.


CAITME in Uzbekistan                         
5th-7th Sept. 2018

Textilegprom in Russia                      
18th-21st Sept. 2018


ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai      
15th-19th Oct. 2018


CAITME is the main exhibition of equipment and technologies for textile and light industry-the largest professional international exhibition in Central Asia.

According to statistics, 80% of the exhibitors are regular participants while 95% of the visitors are industry professionals and experts. And Yitai is no doubt one of participants.

And the result from this exhibition is quite fruitful as we received a great number of inquiries on the spot from the prospects and some even place an order with us straightaway with cash deposit. It’s really an honor to be accredited with the trust from customers. What leads us here is, I think, our commitment to service and product excellence which ensures our continued success in the industry.

We hereby invite all of you to attend the next two shows in Russia and Shanghai (China) or to visit our office in beautiful costal city - Xiamen.



   Melody with our visitors on the CAITME expo spot, in Uzbekistan

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