Product name :
Item : YTW-C 609/B3
Details :

Crochet Knitting Machine YTW-C 609/B3

YTW-C Crochet Knitting Machine produces elastic and non-elastic tapes like medical bandages, laces, bra straps and others. And it typically features making tapes with webby pattern. The more complex style the finished tapes are, the higher model it requires.

Model Series:

Standard machine YTW-C 609/B3, 609/B8, 609/B12

Widen machine YTW-C 800/B3, 800/B8, 800/B12

YITAI Crochet Machine Advantages:

1. Core part: needle bed, needle board, needle holder (originally from Taiwan)

2. Bearing: Japan

3. Rubber roller: there's no space between two rubber rollers, guarantee the tape tension.

4. Special material carbon fiber for the belt come-out roller, light, straight and anti-abrasion, ensures the final product beautiful. 

5. Transmit system using belt and synchronized wheel, higher speed can reach 1400RPM, more stable, lower noise.

6. Gauze: 15, 20
7. Standard machine operation width is 600mm, each tape max width can be 55mm. With a widen device max. tape width can be 350mm. With standard back creel places 200.


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