Finishing & Starching Machine

Finishing & Starching Machine
Product name : Finishing & Starching Machine
Item : YTC-S 305
Details :
Product name:Finishing & Starching Machine
 Product model:YTC-S 305

 1.This machine can 1-6 of already set knit to take at the same time can settle the width to go to for the 5 mms the 150 mm breadth ,thin arrive safety belt,wait various take the type.

 2.From change the machine of frequency to regulate ,need not to worry in front and back the rate of speed in conformity but result in take son is loose tightly.

 3.Control equipments and eictronicses to light the fire equipments automatoically.

 4.Speed can from 0~30/min.

 Technical parameters:


 Setting sketch:




 Fitting description:




 Producing process:


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