High speed braiding machine

High speed braiding machine High speed braiding machine High speed braiding machine
Product name : High speed braiding machine
Item : YTS 2/41
Details :
 Product name:High Speed Braiding Machine  
 Product model:YTS 2/41 
Adopt the advanced way of frequency conversion re-gulation and control , apt to control rotational speed. And in the braiding spindle qualifyfor the next round of competitions some office device hang industry of entering ect., Replace the punching type operation with porcelain eyes(alumina) , operate simple and easily when changing the line .The applicable raw materials are also very wide . It is difficult to break weaving , and not to fray the raw materials surface , there is hig-her quality naturally , if there are products of warp-heart , can use material shelf automatically , nomatter what size is the warp-heart or break the line , the ,machine will stop turning round automatically. So under theunattengded situa-tion , that is also very comfortable for the machine running , in order to increase the output and lower costs. 
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