latex Warping Machine

latex Warping Machine
Product name : latex Warping Machine
Item : YTC-W 401
Details :
Product name:Latex Warping Machine
 Product model:YTC-W 401

1.Have and can regulate elasticity make roottension balanced device of line at will .

2.Free necessary length parks and establishes the device . Guarantee and requires it definitely quantity is accurate.

3.Shelf adopt and bring transmission in ster by glue , person who make platform tyrn round stably , have noise .

4.Pass record load and adopt pneumatic to control , stability high platform of making etc .,it is more convenienttooperate.

5.Can be chosen and offered by the customer by a size to select for use, or according to the customer it is a design to need taking the place of .

6.Line shelf-figure number fans of 60-72,84 for choosin.

 Technical parameters:


 Setting sketch:

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