Product name :
Item : YTA 12/25
Details :

Metal zipper belt needle loom YTA 12/25

Zipper types including metal, plastic, nylon and other materials.

Model 10/30 12/25 14/20
Tapes 10 12 14
Reed Width(mm) 30 25 20
Motor 1.5HP
Speed 1400-1600 rpm
Heald Frame 12 PCS 6 PCS
Design chain circle 8 cam styles
Weft Density 3.5-36.7 weft/cm
Normal Attachment Back take-off device, creel places, normal attachment
Functions  For Metal Zipper For Nylon Zipper
Optional Attachment Beam(355*255mm, USD50/PCS) 
Size of package 1080*1280*1980mm
Net Weight(KGS) 750 KGS
Gross Weight(KGS) 780 KGS

YITAI Zipper Belt Needle Loom Advantages:
1. Machine Wall Plate: Strictly forged from the finest stell. Oxygenized outdoor for months. YITAI Needle loom wall plate is heavier and more sturdy and durable at all cases than others.
2. Link Chain Axel: So far, YITAI is the only one who is capable of doing hardness treatment among weaving industrial in China.
3. Link Chain Rollers: Completely different from powder metallurgy of most manufacutrers. We insist on using original metal iron. It costs more, but it's more stable.
4. Bearing & Belts: Imported bearing(NSK/FAG/NTN), imported belt material.
5. High Speed: With leading R&D team among all weaving industry, YITAI always create the newest model with the fastest speed, which is stable at 1800 RPM. 


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